Domestic Abuse

You don’t need to suffer alone. We’re here and we can help.

If you are suffering from domestic violence, threatening behaviour or physical or sexual abuse, then you need to know that we can take urgent steps to protect you and your children.

Once you are safe, we can help you move on and build a life free from fear. Professional legal advice can never undo the trauma of a violent, abusive relationship but it can put an end to it.

It’s vital that you seek advice at the earliest opportunity as we’ll need to explain the options available to you and what they will mean for you and your family. We also run an emergency injunction service where we will see you within 24 hours and apply to the Courts for appropriate protection measures.

How we can help

  • Emergency injunction service
  • Non-Molestation Orders, preventing violence, threats or harassment
  • Occupation Orders, where named individuals can be excluded from the family home or from coming within a certain distance of it
  • Legal advice post-injunction, such as divorce and separation, children arrangements, financial settlements, housing and welfare benefits
  • Practical support through our links with external agencies and support organisations

Our aims

  • To respond urgently to requests for help
  • To use the full force of the law to put adequate protection in place
  • To handle matters strongly but sensitively to ensure client safety is quickly secured with the minimum of distress and upset
  • To carefully explain the injunction process and legal options moving forward to lessen concerns about the future
  • To use other expert teams within the firm such as matrimonial, housing, welfare benefits,
    wills & probate etc to provide on-going legal support
  • To communicate regularly and openly and always be ready to listen
  • To examine funding options such as Legal Aid and make the quality advice you need accessible and affordable
  • To help put in place personal support systems through introductions to specialist organisations, advice bodies, charities and community groups

The Domestic Abuse team

The Howells team is one of the best in the country. It has been consistently highly ranked for family work in the north, and is overseen by the hugely respected and much admired Alyson Siddall. Alyson has developed a group of many talents but with shared values. Tough and resolute in their legal representation, sensitive and compassionate in their client relationships, the team understand that they’re not dealing with ‘cases’ but with people, not bound up in legal process but in real lives.