We can’t mend a broken relationship, but we can help pick up the pieces.

Mediation provides a neutral environment for two parties to meet, discuss their issues and try to reach an amicable solution without the need to go through legal proceedings.

Mediation is often used by couples following a separation whether they were married or not, divorced or separated.

As mediation is focused on coming to agreements that are suitable for both parties, it is less stressful and upsetting than going through legal proceedings, especially for any children involved. It also allows you to discuss the issues important to you straight away and identify solutions fairly quickly, so mediation is often a fast and effective procedure.

How can we help?

Howells can help couples who are separating or separated, who want to work through the issues arising from the separation. Other family members, such as grandparents can also use mediation to sort out any disputes or difficulties.

Examples of issues to be discussed could be;

  • Residential matters; where everyone lives following separation, including where children should reside.
  • Other matters surrounding children; surname, education, religion, childcare, time spent with children during holidays, birthdays, religious festivals
  • Finance issues; property, debts, savings, maintenance etc.
  • Any other issues arising from separation

We will provide:

  • An Initial Assessment – Before mediation can start, the mediator will meet with you, and your ex-partner if appropriate, to discuss whether mediation is the right option for you.
  • Mediation Session/s – This will take place in a private and informal setting. You can either choose to sit together or if relations are strained and you do not want to be in direct contact, you can stay in separate rooms and the mediator will go between you.

Our Aims

  • The aim of mediation is to come to an agreement that suits everyone involved, so the outcome can be more satisfactory for all parties.
  • The mediator will help identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and make suggestions on how to come to an amicable solution that both parties are happy with.
  • The mediator will identify possible solutions, but it is ultimately the decision of both parties what agreement/conclusion is drawn. No decisions are imposed on anyone so the outcome will be a solution that you can all live with.


As mediation will enable you to come to an agreement without having to resort to going through the Courts and/or other professional bodies such as CMS, it can help you to avoid expensive legal action.

We provide mediation on an hourly rate at great value. Mediation will generally be significantly less expensive than making an application to court.

The Mediation team

The Howells family team is one of the best in the country. It has been consistently ranked highly in Legal 500 for family work in the north, and is overseen by the hugely respected and much admired Alyson Siddall who is a qualified mediator as well as a lawyer.

The family team is a group of many talents but with shared values; understanding that they’re not dealing with ‘cases’ but with people.

The Mediation team are part of the Family Law department at Howells.

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