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Defending Possession Claims

If your landlord has sent you a notice seeking possession or has made a claim to court asking for possession of your property it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible so that you know your rights and any steps that you may be able to take.


If you do not act quickly you may risk potentially being made homeless.


Landlords must follow a legal process to legally get a possession order.

It is important to get advice as early as possible as you may have a defence to the claim which would mean that your landlord was not entitled to a possession order and you may not have to leave the property.

Contact our Housing team today if any of the following apply:

  • You have received a notice from your landlord asking you to leave your home by a certain date (this may be called a section 8 notice, a section 21 notice, or a Notice Seeking Possession).
  • You have received papers from the court notifying you that your landlord has issued a claim for possession of your home.
  • You have received a possession order from the Court.
  • You have received a notice of eviction from the Court notifying you of the date on which a bailiff will evict you from your home.

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