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Exceptional Hardship

Exceptional Hardship Driving Ban

Exceptional hardship refers to cases of extreme suffering due to a totting-up ban. It’s a legal argument that can be submitted to the court in order to avoid or reduce a driving disqualification.

Arguing an exceptional hardship driving ban is not as straightforward as it might first appear as, by definition, it has to be exceptional. Ordinary hardship will not be considered by the Court. Our exceptional hardship solicitors can help. 

What is Considered Exceptional Hardship?

The appeal Courts have been reluctant to lay down any strict rules as to what amounts to exceptional hardship and stressed that each case should be decided on its own facts.

For example loss of employment as a result of a driving ban will not normally be considered. However, the effect of the loss of employment both on the defendant and any innocent third parties can and often does amount to exceptional hardship.

It is therefore important that every case is carefully investigated and all lines of enquiry are explored. We have extensive experience in taking our clients’ detailed instructions and identifying the key factors relevant to the case to present it to the court.

Our Criminal Defence specialists have an impressive record in arguing exceptional hardship in court and supporting clients to keep their driving license.

Examples of Exceptional Hardship 

Examples of exceptional hardship might also include:

  • If the person in question needs their car to care for elderly or disabled relatives.
  • If the ban results in significant financial loss, for example if there is a risk that the defendant could go bankrupt or lose their home due to the ban.
  • If a driving ban would affect employees and colleagues.

Exceptional Hardship FAQs

Do I Need a Solicitor for Exceptional Hardship?

Demonstrating exceptional hardship is complex, so it’s important you have an experienced solicitor working on your case. At Howells, we can help provide guidance and advice in order to try to reach the desired outcome.

How Do You Prove Exceptional Hardships?

You must provide sound evidence that your circumstances mitigate the offence. As the name suggests, the reasoning must be exceptional and be causing suffering to dependents.

How Many Times Can You Use Exceptional Hardship?

An exceptional hardship application can only be put forward once within a 3-year period unless you use completely different reasons. 

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