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Motoring Offences Fixed Fees


Legal Aid is not usually available for motoring matters but in most instances, we are able to take on cases on a fixed fee basis. These are designed to make advice accessible and affordable and to give peace of mind, so that you will know from the outset what the total costs of the case will be.

In all cases, there will be a separate charge for disbursements if they are necessary, such as expert reports or travel expenses where applicable. We will explain all fees and what the costs for disbursements will be, during your initial appointment so that there are no hidden extras or unexpected costs later.

Diagnostic Appointment
We offer an initial 1-hour appointment, where we will discuss your case and confirm our advice in writing, for a fee of £150 +VAT (£30) = total £180.

This may provide you with all of the advice you need. However if further assistance is required we will be happy to discuss with you the potential further costs. Below are examples of these costs.

Guilty Plea
The fixed fee for advice and representation on a guilty plea at the first hearing is £300 (+VAT £60) = total £360, unless there is an issue of Exceptional Hardship or Special Reasons.

Exceptional Hardship
There is an additional fee in the range of £350 (+VAT £70) to £500 (+VAT £100) = total between £420 and £600, depending on the complexity of the case, where we will be arguing against disqualification under the ‘totting up’ provisions.

Special Reasons
There is an additional fee in the range of £250 (+VAT £50) to £500 (+VAT £100), = total between £300 and £600 depending on the complexity of the case, where there are ‘special reasons’ to argue against disqualification or endorsement of penalty points.

Not Guilty Plea and Trial
The fixed fee for representation at the first hearing on a not guilty plea is £250 (+VAT  £50) = total £300.
Further costs to prepare the case for trial will be dependent on the complexity of the case but usually start from £500 (+VAT £100) = total £600.


Guilty Plea – In most cases of a guilty plea the case will conclude on the day of the first hearing. If there are any complexities requiring adjournment the case will usually conclude within 4 weeks thereafter.

Not Guilty Plea – The majority of contested cases will conclude within a 4 month period on current time scales for the court in South Yorkshire*. This time scale may differ for different parts of the country.

*correct as of Aug 2021

We will however aim to give a more accurate expectation of timescale on discussion of your case.

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