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Making, Amending or Reviewing a Will

Advice on Making a Will

For many of us, death, or the prospect of death is something they would rather not think about. We know from discussing with our clients that some people are not comfortable around death – whether it’s thinking about your own or preparing for a loved one’s. For these reasons we put off making a Will.


However, someone will be left with the stress of sorting out your estate and will need to take care of your property and affairs, therefore making a Will should be viewed as a positive. If you don’t have a Will, your money, property, and possessions will be shared out according to the law instead of your wishes.

What is a Will?


A Will is a written document which directs how a person’s possessions and estate will be distributed when they die. Among other requirements, a Will may appoint executors to administer an estate, name a guardian for a child, and/or make arrangement for payment of duties.

How to Make a Will


Make a list of the assets you want to include in your will and decide how you want to share them among your beneficiaries. Decide if you want to leave a donation to charity, and include their full name, address and the registered number. 

You may also want to consider: 

  • If any of your beneficiaries die before you do.
  • Who should carry out the wishes in your will. 
  • What arrangements to make if you have young children.
  • The type of funeral you would like.

Using a Solicitor


You can of course, make your will by yourself, however we recommend only considering this option if your will is straightforward. Even if this is the case, you should get a solicitor to check it over, once it is complete. 

The best option is to use a solicitor to help advise you on your will to ensure it is correct, as your executor will have to sort out any mistake and pay legal costs. 

You should use a solicitor to make a will when: 

  • You share a property with someone who you aren’t married to. 
  • You have young children who can’t take care of themselves. 
  • Several family members may make a claim on the will. 
  • You own property overseas.

Information to Give Your Solicitor


When working with a solicitor, they will need to know: 

  • All the assets you want included in your will. 
  • Details of who should have your assets.
  • Any other wishes. 

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Please contact us on 0114 249 66 66 to obtain details of our fees.

Included in the fee is;

  • An initial appointment to discuss your requirements
  • Advice regarding your options
  • Drafting your Will and sending it to you to consider
  • Meeting with you again to sign your Wills or sending it to you for you to make your own arrangements to sign it.
  • Providing you with a signed copy of your Will; and
  • Storing the original on your behalf.
  • Time scales for Will drafting
  • After we have received complete information from you we aim to draft your Will and send it to you to consider within 7 days.  After you have approved your Will, we will then arrange another appointment with you to sign your Will.  Most Wills are usually completed and signed within a few weeks.

Advice on Making a Will FAQs

What Happens if you Die Without Making a Will?

If you die, and you haven’t made a will, your estate and assets will be subject to intestacy rules, which governs who can inherit what, depending on their relationship to you. For example, if you are legally married or are in a civil partnership, your spouse will inherit some or all of your estate.

Do I Need a Will if I Don’t Own a House?

A lot of people think that a will is not worthwhile making if you don’t own your home, but this is not the case as a will deals with far more than property ownership. 

Can a Solicitor Store My Will?

Yes, at Howells LLP, we can store your will and ensure it is kept secure from the risk of theft, fire, or water damage. It also means it is easily accessible after your death, giving you and your family members some peace of mind. 

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