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Supreme Court judgment to impact on divorced couples

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19 Oct, 2015

A recent judgment at the Supreme Court will have far-stretched implications for divorced and divorcing couples.

In the cases of Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil, both have been allowed to appeal their divorce settlement figures after evidence has arisen that their ex-husbands concealed the true value of their assets.

The Supreme Court ruled on 14/10/15 that deceit by estranged partners would not be tolerated and emphasised that both parties in proceedings are under a duty to give and frank financial disclosure.  The judgments on Sharland and Gohil redefine the law and clarify the procedure in cases where one party to a marriage or civil partnership alleges that the other has failed to make full disclosure of their assets.

The Judges at the Supreme Court unanimously agreed that deceit by estranged partners who refuse to fully disclose their assets, including businesses, properties and salaries, will not be tolerated.

The ruling may impact on other recently divorced people who suspect their former partner has concealed assets, and they too can also appeal for their cases to be re-opened.

If you have a settlement or court order and are now aware that your former partner lied about their financial position during the negotiation process please contact us for advice on 0114 249 66 66 or email

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