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The end of a ‘meal ticket for life’ divorces

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19 Jul, 2018

The Supreme Court on 18th July 2018 unanimously allowed the appeal of a husband in the case of Mills and Mills – after the Court of Appeal had agreed with the wife who sought increased periodical payments.

In this case, after a 15 year marriage the Wife had received (in 2002) a capital settlement of £230,000 and annual maintenance of £13,200.

The wife then encountered financial difficulties and sought to increase her periodical payments to cover her needs. The Supreme Court did not agree.

Those of us who have been in practise for many years have seen a shift in the courts position in recent years – there is now a greater expectation on the parties to manage their finances after separation and to use their earning capacity. Is this another sign of the end of the “meal ticket for life”? Quite possibly.

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