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Why work for Howells?

Howells Solicitors is one of the largest law firms in South Yorkshire and our people are experts in their field. Our clients can be sure they are getting the best advice possible, from friendly, down to earth advisors.

Howells’ business is its people and, as such, we are committed to our people. Integral to our business planning are our People Strategy and Plan, which look at what we need from our people and how we can support them and nurture them
to get there.

Howells’ staff are hardworking but friendly and everyone who joins Howells receives a very warm welcome. We are not like every other law firm; we pride ourselves on placing our people at the centre of our business and this is reflected
in the number of long serving employees that we have.

Our People.Dignity at Work

Howells aims to be an inclusive organisation, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and is committed to providing a working environment for its staff that is free from all forms of bullying and harassment. The Firm adopts a zero-tolerance approach and will not tolerate bullying or harassment of our employees by clients, other members of the public or other employees.

We are an equal opportunities employer and positively encourage applications for suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of any of the characteristics protected by the Equality Act or of an individual’s social or educational background or family and care responsibilities.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all and to develop a diverse and talented workforce.

Our clients. Working with them

We understand that each client is different and we welcome these differences. We will always work with our clients to meet their expectations on diversity and to ensure everyone is treated equally while meeting individual needs.

Howells’ approach to diversity is to support our people, clients, potential clients and suppliers where we live and work.

Dignity, respect and fairness underpin what we do and strengthen our resolve that discrimination has no place in our decision making, behaviour or culture.

Latest News

Housing Disrepair

The tragic death of a 2-year-old from exposure to dampness and mould at his home which was let from a housing association is a sharp reminder to landlords of the need to take prompt action when a tenant complains about dampness and mould and other issues with disrepair.

At Howells, we have been
helping tenants to get their landlords to carry out repairs for over 40 years. The government has awarded us a legal aid contract to take action to have repairs done if your landlord fails to carry out repairs within a reasonable time. We are your local solicitors providing face-to-face advice from our offices in Sheffield, Rotherham, and Barnsley.

In recent years there has been an increase in private companies from outside South Yorkshire who do not have a contract from the government to do legal aid disrepair work targeting people through unannounced doorstepping, cold calling or leaflet campaigns, often claiming to be from the Council or acting on the Council’s behalf and signing tenants up to complicated “no win no fee” agreements that are not always what they seem.

Amongst other things these agreements can mean that if a tenant changes their mind about pursuing a claim, they will have to pay their solicitor’s fees.

Some companies also encourage tenants to refuse the Council access to their property, which is not only a breach of their tenancy agreement but also causes delays in repairs being done. They may do this to try to increase the number of damages payable from which they intend to take a fee.

If you are approached by one of these companies:
– Always ask for identification.
– Call the police if you feel scared or threatened.
– Take free legal advice about your disrepair claim before signing up for an agreement you might not understand.

You can report any incidents to Action Fraud or call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

29 Nov, 2022

New EPC regulations from 2025 for Landlords

From 2025, all newly rented properties will be required to have an EPC rating of C or above.

The recent Government change in rules would require that all new tenancies must have an EPC (energy performance certificate) rating of Band C or above, starting from 2025. For existing tenancies, the new regulations won’t apply until 2028. Currently properties require an EPC rating of ‘E’ or above.

The new rule changes are in line with the Government’s net zero emissions by 2050 targets. Along with creating more energy efficient homes.

What is an EPC rating?

Measures the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G. The most efficient homes will be in band A and the least efficient homes in Band G.

For a home to be sold or rented in the UK it is legally required to have an EPC. The certificate is then valid for 10 years.

The impacts the new rules will have on Landlords

Improving the minimum EPC rating from ‘E’ to ‘C’ will prove to be difficult for landlords, as it will require a lot of investment. With the government estimating that it could cost approximately £4,700 on average to make such improvements. The older the property the greater the cost, as older properties will require a lot more work and are less energy efficient compared to new properties.

Howells Head of Residential Conveyancing, Elizabeth Webster says “I already have investor clients considering selling some of their portfolio where they know it will prove extremely difficult to get the rating to C or above.”

At current energy performance investment is capped at £3,500 for landlords, this will be raised to £10,000.

Once the new regulations are in place in 2025, landlords who don’t have a valid EPC could be fined £30,000.

To speak to a member of the conveyancing team call 0114 249 66 66 or email 

27 Jul, 2022